Advatages of our scan-service

Our data delivery consists of "clean data" in the sense of that the tracks with different widthes are always put to one width when it makes sense. The pads of all layers are aligned congruently to one another. Both (line widthes and pad registration) are in the original versions not present, but it is mostly very meaningful..

schlechte Vorlage

We will deliver to you in case of handtaped artworks with "round conductors" the Scan result exactly as it would have given by you in CAD gerber files. We will repair any damage to the originals if it is obvious.

schlechte Vorlage

This picture shows an example of a very bad handtaped artwork. Specially the pads are not registeterd

optimierte Vorlage

This picture shows how this layout could be optimized by us. Such optimization is of course only carried out at your request, but as you can see it makes sense.