Our price level

Our prices are fair and certainly cheaper as a new creating / routing via a CAD system. Special cases such as handtaped artworks or the "cloning" of sample pcbs must be discussed individually. Email us or give us a call, The contact data can be found in the "imprint". The standard is 1:1 silver films or diazo films. For this standard case you can get from us an Excel-based software calculation program. So you can create an initial overview for yourself about the expected costs. These costs essentially depend on the following circumstances:
-number of films (layers)
-size of the pcb
-type of the films (signal layer, soldermask etc)
-number of pads


To digitize 2 outer layers, 2 soldermask layers, 1 silk screen, size 100x160 mm, 500 Pads based on good(!) silver halide filmes results in cost of minimum 300 €.

this is true only in the "best case" which means there is no additional effort to do like :
-Pads as octagon or oblong, tear drops, SMD pads, connector fingers
-Pads to be shaved
-Text or company logos in copper layers
-copper areas independent whether full or cross hatched
-Inner layers to be signal or mixed instead PG
-Tracks not in 45 degree mode
-tracks rounded like hand taped instead straight
-soldermask more complex than just pads
-The sharpness of the contours of the film viewed through a 10x magnifying glass is poor
-Bad Dimensional accuracy of the films
-Need to repair iso-distances
-No drill files coming from you
-pads are not in any grid
-silk screen with lot of characters / text