About us

Technical Background

In the 70s and 80s of last century it was still usual, to provide silver films to the PCB-manufacturers to define the layout. In the following years the PCB-manufacturers established to plot their needed films by themselves. The benefits were simpler and faster transportation of the Data carrier compared to the delivery of often large-scale films. Later, the data transmission via modem and then via Email prevailes. That too accelerated the ordering process. In addition the PCB facturer could, before plotting the data layout, check the layout on their CAM workstations for plausibility, reproduce the layout, insert own registrations marks, ect. Nowadays, almost all PCB manufacturers eliminated their "photo lab" departments. You have to depent on the allocation of layout data in electronic form (usually Gerber data). But what do you do now, if it is a layout which dates back to the good old days when people were still using silver film to order PCBs? Exactly this question led to the foundation of Annico in 1998. We scan and digitize your old artworks or pcbs for you. Since our establishment we have now more than 9000 Scan jobs completed successfully.


1. Juli 2021: The activities of Anne Nissen (Scanservice) will continue but Burkhard Nissen now will concentrate to seminars. With the pcb production we still area amicably connected, but we transferred the daily responsibility to other persons.

May, 1, 2013: The activities of Anne Nissen (Scanservice) and Burkhard Nissen (software / consulting / pcb-selling), which we did in several companies is now bundled in one and only "Annico". Also we registered our company, that is why our name now is "Annico e.K.".

December 26, 2011: The internet presence of ANNICO was re-edited and the design was changed.

June 21, 2009: The internet presence of ANNICO appears in a completely revised form. Besides the new design you will now find a splitting into two divisions: "Scanservice" and "Software". There is now a protected area for customers who want to track the progress of their orders with us. An application is available on request to be sent by email.

October 31, 2008: Annico reports that since the founding of the companys 7500 scan jobs were successfully completed

August 26, 2008: Annico celebrates the 10-year anniversary

February 12, 2002: Our support for "ABGEN" is set. It has been more than a year without any errors messages from the customer and the more valid maintenance contracts have expired. Meanwhile, the current CAM systems adopted our idea and offer as an integrated system property to convert aperture tables.

December 3, 1999: "ABGEN", the "automatic aperture generator" of Annico have been sold in Europe 150 times. This software includes an english and german menu guide. This software converts the aperture tables of records that exist in the format "standard Gerber" with the help of a highly efficient menu navigation in one of 25 different CAM formats. We felt a degree of market saturation, but still continue to provide support.

August 26, 1998: Establishment of Annico in Osterode am Harz